"Blame It On The Devil" receives 4 1/2 out of 5 stars!

Fort Lauderdale, FL is the land of palm trees, alligators, the mouse from Disney and DEADSTAR ASSEMBLY.

Hold up a minute something is out of place here…

Yeah, Gothic Industrial metal out of the swamps of Florida is rising up and delivering a power house new release “Blame It On The Devil”. The band started in 2001 and has morphed into a high potency act that has resurrected into a headline entity. “Blame It On The Devil” will be the fourth studio release and is sure to be a fan favorite.

The opening track “Blame It On The Devil” is industrial music greatness. It’s raw and has chants that fans can scream along to. The essential backbone to the song is the massive drum sound of Kriz D.K. The song is perfect to start a live show with as it will bring fans to their feet, fists in the air as they scream the lyrics. Track two, Overdose, which is DSA’s first featured track delivered to the public and deservedly so. The song is extreme and will sit well with industrial and metal fans alike. It is called pure ecstasy, mixing the punch of heavy metal with the tantalizing keys and riffs of industrial metal.

“Filth” brings neck-snapping and head-bobbing to an adrenaline rush level. The opening keys and guitar riff open the way for Dearborn to deliver his raw vocal talent to the masses in the non-stop fashion.

 “Amulet” is one of my favorite tracks (among many) on “Blame It On The Devil”. This is one amazing tune that brings in elements of hardcore alternative yet has a great melodic side that will shoot DSA to the top of the heap. Arena venues might shun these boys but the music for DSA will prevail as the extreme power they deliver is just outstanding.

Beveled between rawness DSA slash their traditional hard-edge bringing a melodic side with “Into The Light” and a killer tune it is. The talent that shines through the veins of music bleeds greatness and DSA show their versatility with this one.

“Will Not Die” is another track fans will embellish as a crowd favorite. Many of the tracks on “Blame It On The Devil” have sing along choruses and will be tough trying to figure out a good set list for live shows to keep all the fans happy.

Background vocals and harmonies are a huge part of “Baptized By Fire”. The song starts with a rigid edge yet once the melodic chorus and keys enter the song takes on another side yet midway through the song hot damn DSA go off the hook with some amazing musicianship. “Dirtier Than Sin” keeps in modern style of DSA. The strong songwriting and the music speaks for itself.

“Adorn In Thorns” is fast, in-your-face rock. You can call it what you want. You can compare the early stages of the song to JUDAS PRIEST or any high profile metallers but DSAhave arrived and has raised the flag in unity of genres. The song is another one of my favorites. Technically, musically, lyrically, “Blame It on the Devil” pushes DSA to another level.

Ending the disc is a trilogy called “Devil’s Reprise”, sounding like a movie sound track. It’s haunting as the march of Romans. It’s loud and powerful and it ends.

 DSA have arrived as “Blame It on The Devil” will be a pinnacle for the band and world domination for music fans around the globe.