D.S.A. Article on Arena.com "Melting Faces with Big Hooks"

Deadstar Assembly: Melting Faces With Big Hooks

The South Florida industrial collective recently dropped their hook-driven fourth studio album, and now, with some marketing muscle behind the effort, the five-piece believes this will be their massive breakthrough.

Their name may suggest otherwise, but Deadstar Assembly may have never been more alive. The Florida indie metal juggernaut (comprised of the uniquely-named five members Dearborn on vocals, DreGGs on guitar, The Dro on bass, Mubo on keys, and Kriz D.K. on drums) recently signed with Standby Records to unleash their fourth LP, the charismaticBlame It On The Devil. Armed with a slew of big choruses and high octane melodies, it should easily raise the band's profile. So far, it has.

But this assembly of goth veterans have more on their mind than just the music, as they’ve been constantly evolving with the latest industry trends and have been capitalizing off their slick merchandising game, as well as gaining a better understanding of the streaming world.

In this Arena exclusive, Dearborn talks all about Blame It On The Devil. He also chats about the strength of industrial music, unleashes his true feelings on streaming, what keeps this band sticking together and much more.