hails "Blame It On The Devil"! 4 out of 5 Stars!

Excerpt from Review

With new label Standby Records and their new, self-recorded album called Blame it on the Devil, Deadstar Assembly follow their own well-known path once more. The genre tag of Industrial Metal does not quite hit the nail on the head though, as the band’s sound comprises more of a grab-bag featuring many ingredients of the Metal-market garden. While listening to Blame it on the Devil, the listener might experience a number of deja-vu moments, yet they would be hard pressed to try and accused the band of copying other artists. On the other hand it is out of the question to escape some comparisons in order to describe the band’s sound. The album’s opening title-track shows the volatile Industrial vibes which are underlined by the cold and mechanical sounding production and the extremely triggered drums, with nods to Marilyn Manson in both the songwriting aspect, as well as the performance of singer Dearborn. Deadstar Assembly manage to accomplish the feat of mixing their sound with ’80s Metal. Leaving aside the production, programming and sound-gimmicks, the second track “Overdose” reminds one of the early phase of danish Hardrockers Pretty Maids in glory Red, Hot & Heavy (1984) and Future World (1987) times, where especially singer Dearborn sounds almost like Ronnie Atkins – an attribute which comes to mind very often while listening to the nine tracks of Blame It On The Devil.  The outro “Devil’s Reprise” picks up the main theme and riff of the aforementioned title-track.

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