DSA's "Blame It On The Devil" Scores an 8 in Outburn Magazine!

Deadstar Assembly 
Blame It on the Devil 

Outburn Magazine
Rating: 8

INDUSTRIAL ROCK/METAL: Blame it on the Devil is Deadstar Assembly’s latest offering, confirming the band’s presence within the realm of industrial rock and metal. Many projects don’t find themselves surviving for such a long time, especially within the transitions of music trends of different generations. Blame it on the Devil provides a refresher course for dedicated fans while also appealing to the newer folks as well, bringing about a plethora of tracks spanning unusual and interesting sounds. The title track opens up with industrial hard rock, emphasizing heavy guitar riffs and anthemic vocals. Although the direction doesn’t fully envelop the entire scope of the record, it does give off the overall energy that transpires throughout. “Overdose” implements an 80s rock and metal vibe, like that of the hair metal bands during the era. Tidbits of this influence are found on later tracks as well, but it’s much more dominant here. On top of the music, Deadstar Assembly attempts to implement a backing concept, which can be easily gleaned with many listens of the album. With or without this, Blame it on the Devil is a well written opus full of vibrant choruses and heavy instrumentals. Deadstar Assembly is set on solidifying their presence in the current scene and succeeds with Blame it on the Devil.

- Jeffrey Allee

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