New Album "Blame It On The Devil" to be released on 02/24/15

The much anticipated fourth release "Blame It on the Devil" from Deadstar Assembly is out on Tuesday February 24th. Be sure to check out their most dangerous album to date with face melting big hooks and non-stop anthems. 

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Deadstar Assembly's new album, Blame It On The Devil, comes out on Feburary 24th, 2015. I never thought I would say this in my wildest dreams, but I would liken Deadstar Assembly to a cross between Skillet and Super Bob, and I mean that in a good, amazing way! I was actually working on the website with Blame It On The Devil playing in the background, and I managed to play it 4 times through before I noticed that I kept listening to it! It's just that good. 

So it's no secret that I really enjoyed Blame It On The Devil. It's very energetic music but not in an obnixious way at all, it's in a jamming out rocking way, which I love! I particularly enjoyed the song Baptized By Fire, but Filth and Amulet were also very close. This album is so energetic but it has the musical strength and wonderful, meaningful lyrics to back it up. This is a top do not miss album of 2015, right up there with All That Remains' newest, also out today! It's a great day for music this year.